what can I do for you?

Manage Projects

● Creation of a project plan, including timeline, process, people and other resources
● Setup and maintenance of an online project management tool
● Delegating details of the project to various team members
● Communication of project status and ongoing details to all players
● Following-up with players as necessary to ensure that “stuff gets done” on time
● Managing the budget for the project
● Handling challenges for the project as they arise, with a focus on finding a solution quickly

KPI or metrics Management

● Keeping track of key statistics for the business on a weekly & monthly basis
● Setting up a reporting system that includes what to track
● Analyzing metrics and discussing trends/patterns with business owner

Manage your Revenue Streams

● Manage the production and completion of revenue streams including:
o Books & workbooks
o Multimedia products
o Membership programs

Managing Speaking Engagements

Preparation of Speaking Kit
● Reviewing speaking requests on behalf of the client
● Confirming details of speaking agreement
● Coordinating details with Host
● Managing Travel
● Preparation of all speaking materials in advance
● Ordering of any products to be sold on-site
● Onsite management (as required)

Free up the Business Owner!

●Reviewing where the business owner is spending their time
● Proactively taking stuff off your plate
● Acting as gatekeeper on behalf of the business owner
● Creating an email management system for the business owner
● Setting up a scheduling system for the business owner


Categorize all Business Transactions weekly for MAX tax savings
Perform Monthly Bank & Account Reconciliations for accuracy
Prepare Monthly Financial Statements for Client clearly see the Health of their Business