OBM Monthly Retainer Services

This is my standard OBM package, which is perfect for 6 or 7 figure purpose-driven female entrepreneurs looking for growth and sustainability. This package will take you away from the manager seat and back to the visionary role.

As your OBM, I am here to help you build a strong foundation for your business. This service may include a combination of:

  • Establish a habit of quarterly planning – so that you and the team are always clear on goals and objectives (no more flying by the seat of your pants!)
  • Working with the team – to ensure that the right people are doing the right things, and everyone is empowered to do their best work
  • Streamlining your operations – documenting processes and creating systems that allow for work to be done efficiently and effectively
  • Driving progress – it’s my role to ensure that progress is being made towards established goals
  • Tracking & Managing KPIs and Revenue Generation > the business is making money 
  • Clearing YOUR plate – so that you can focus your efforts on CEO-level activities and growing the business (instead of running it!)
  • Keeping track of you business finances through done for you bookkeeping

Minimum of 25h/month. We will customize the number of hours your business needs.

Starting at $1700/month


This is for service providing business in all stages (even if you started yesterday you’re required to keep track of all your business financial transactions 😉

This package includes:

Set up your accounting tool system (we are Quickbooks certified and Wave Pro).

Categorizing Weekly Transactions for MAX tax savings

Performing Monthly Bank & Account Reconciliations for accuracy

Preparing Monthly Financial Statements for you clearly see the health of your business.

This package is a total life-saver, no more trying to make decisions based on a spreadsheet that you don’t even know if the information is correct. After we have this system in place YOU WILL MAKE DECISION-BASED ON ACCURATE DATA. Numbers don’t lie! 🙂

This is an ongoing service starting at $300/month

Accounting tool set-up – a one-time fee of $250

System and standart operating procedure

  • Systems create consistency in efforts and results 
  • Fewer mistakes 
  • Less work to follow a system than to create a new one  (chaos vs calm) 
  • Can be leveraged – systems are the foundation to build upon 
  • Until systems are you place you will always be the hub of the business = EXHAUSTION 
  • Before delegating, HAVE YOUR DOCUMENTATED SYSTEMS IN PLACE. Terrific people are out there waiting for you, but in a non-documentaded business, nobody can function near their potential because mind-reading is not a thing humans can do, no matter how smart they are! 🙂

When we are finished, (90 days) you will have your needed systems and processes in place so your business runs effectively and efficiently. You’ll streamline your operations with documented processes and systems.

90 days package starting at $1500

Who I work with?

Purpose-driven female business owners:

✅ Ready to uplevel
✅ Needing someone to manage #allthethings
✅ Wanting a thought partner

Is that you?